30 March, 2009

Studio 462

Finished making my canvases (sorry no photos, just words today).

We had a critique today (on the abstract and glazing assignments) and it went well. I don't remember much being said about the abstract other than that the first layer could be more visible and that the triangles (on the right of the image) seemed lazy... Which they were. No excuses, I got bored of the painting and stopped caring about it.

The glazing, I realised I used yellow (on the bottom one) and it wasn't a colour we were allowed to do. Apparently yellow isn't considered a transparent colour. I'm not sure why, but I imagine because it's so powerful. As you look at the painting, you can tell it takes over in some areas. The top painting, apparently the "technique" calls for more highlights in the undercoats and less highlights in the top coat. Oh well. I definitely think the paint is too thick on the top one. But I think they look cool and I can imagine a fourth layer may do them justice.

Working on concept sketches for the final two paintings for class. As a refresher, those are two 4'x5' paintings on the stretchers that I made. These are for our final two paintings in class, which we will work on for the remainder of the semester (about a month). One is to be in the style of an artist (from a list provided), for which I chose Odd Nerdrum. The sketch I did was lazy and half assed because I was tired when I was working on it. None the less, my instructor had a look at it and wants me to make the character nude like Odd does. There's a narrative to the piece that I want to tell and a nude character does not go with the narrative. This is where art classes piss me off. I'm on the edge of just doing what she says because she said it, or doing what I want and not giving a damn to her suggestions. Of course, I quite respect my instructor... so it's hard to decide. I'll work on more sketches tonight and decide when I see how different ideas play out in pencil.

The second painting is an "Open Painting" which, I have deduced, means we can do whatever the fuck we want. Cool. Or is it? I think that's awesome. It gives me a great opportunity to do a painting I've been wanting to do for a while now. However... I showed her my sketch and she loved it with the exception of some graphic content. She said I should leave it off. But, again, I feel strongly that removing that content would completely lose the narrative of the piece. So what the fuck is the point of painting it if I'm not saying what I want to say? The Odd painting I can work with, but I'm quite pissed about this one. I should have asked "why?" right away when I had her attention in front of me, but I was so shocked that she was asking me to censor my art that I didn't say anything. I wrote her an eMail immediately when I got home and I will talk to her on Wednesday. This painting, I will likely do what I want and pay no heed to her suggestion.

Oh well.

Thanks for reading if you did. I understand if you didn't. Photos are more fun.

Wednesday I start drawing the compositions on the canvas.
Photos Wednesday of what happens with that.

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