18 February, 2009

Studio 462

I was too tired to post this Wednesday night, but I'm pretending this date is correct for chronological purposes.

"Today" in class, we began a new painting (as mentioned). This is, of course, another still life... which, I must say, I am getting tired of drawing still-life and it's reminding me why I didn't go into a BFA in drawing (or painting) in the first place. None the less, I get over the struggle and find what interest I can in whatever objects are placed on our large white set.

This new project is interesting because we worked on a technique I had never thought of before.
We spent the time in class putting down a thickly textured acrylic layer. I have my own painting with Acrylics undercoat, that's nothing new to me, but I had never considered the process in which we were putting them down. That is, placing complimentary colours down instead of the colour we see and light values where dark values are true (and vice versa). Bizarre and fun.

So I finger painted.
Half way thru the class, she kept still stressing that no one's textures were thick enough so I decided to dig in to my paints (literally) and slap them on there. After all, this is for texture more than anything, right?

Either way, I had a blast hand-painting on my sheet of canvas. The painting rests over the weekend to dry until Monday. I'll put the oils over this dry acrylic layer.

I forgot to take photos because I was excited to see my girlfriend but I will on Monday before I do anything to it.

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