17 February, 2009

Studio 462

Thanks for your patience. I had a lot to work on.
And we're already starting another image Wednesday, already assigned one to do on our own and already in the middle of one. It's a lot but I'm still getting used to working with oils and loving every bit of it.

Violet/Yellow colour study (04)

Homework assignment: Self Figure triptych

Here are the individual parts

I really like the way this hand came out.
The best part is that there was no thinking involved and I quickly reached a point where I thought to myself: Don't touch it anymore. So here's a close up of it.

Today was our critique. I was late, but made it just in time.
My instructor said that if I were an art student she would "make" me major in painting.
I was flattered.

Here's our current in-class WIP assignment.

And, yeah... The new out of class assignment's an interesting one.
More on that soon...

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