04 February, 2009

Studio 462

Okay so this post was actually posted much later than the date above, but I'd like the dates to correspond with the day of the class... So I fibbed a little.

None the less, "today" in class we discussed the theory behind complementary colours but this time we went to a different class room and she gave us examples on a projector. Some I didn't really care for and some that I thought were quite brilliant. The only name that stands out is Monet, but that's just 'cause everybody knows his name (or should).

None the less, we went back to the class and had an hour to continue work on the Violet/Yellow colour study (04). That wasn't much time at all and, with lack of reason, I got stuck on the drapery and found at the end of class that I hadn't even moved on to yellow yet. I feel like I completely fucked up the positive balance that I had going on those drapes so I've left them completely alone since. I quickly moved on to the warmer colours and class was soon over.

We finish this painting Monday in class.

Our weekend assignment is a full-body portrait using 3 Canvas pages or more, and it's supposed to be life sized (or larger). I'll post a WIP of that after the weekend.

Class critique this qeek is Wednesday.

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