03 February, 2009

Studio 462

Today's class began with a group critique, where we discuss the three works we had done individually up to this point.

01: Ultramarine Blue, Burnt Umber & White still-life [colour study]
02: Viridian, Alzarian Crimson & White still-life [colour study]
03: Viridian, Alzarian Crimson & White self image [value/contrast study]

The third was done over the weekend and I spent a lot of time on it. I was relatively happy with the way it came out for the class, but I feel like there's more work I could do to it in order to improve it. I have plans to do just that after it dries for a week.

Here are a few thumbnail close-ups...

And at the request of both my girlfriend and a friend, Eric, here's the Work In Progress (WIP, for future reference)...

I had a lot of fun with these works and it was especially interesting to see my progression in the three pieces next to one another.

After the critique we began (04)...
a still-life colour study with violet and yellow.
I liked the way my drapery came out in (02) so I decided to add more in this composition so I can work on this more and experiment a bit.

This one will be a bitch, but I'm up to the challenge.

Oh, and I'll get a photograph of the self-image tomorrow or Wednesday and post it up.
I despise showing unfinished work, but I'll do that.

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