08 February, 2009

paper clippings

Been working a lot this weekend.
Visual aids will be coming next weekend as I need every moment I can right now on all this work.

The weekend assignment for class is coming along well. I messed up on the size (since it's supposed to be life-sized or larger) so I'm having to work with that... It just fled my mind but I realised before it was too late.

Got another awesome layer on the skate deck for Ash.
I put a lot of technical work in this layer so once that dries I can get working hard core on the good stuff.

Finished a commission sketch, now I'll probably ink it and add values in. Or, at least, the latter.

Sitting on a painting for the comic while I work on this stuff.
Working on two drawings for the comic.

And I've got two sketches I'm working on for the 3A February sketch theme.

Yeah, yeah, images soon I'm getting back to work.

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