24 February, 2009

Swan Song -- Vusimuzi

It's starting to leak...
I explored one of the characters from my 'world' for a thing on 3A.

It turned out a sort of prequel to Vusi's story once within the constraints of the comic.
He's one of the later characters to be developed, but it was fun jumping away from the earlier characters and into his world for a change.

For the illustrations, I got out an old ink stick and grinding stone that I got a long time ago and went to town with bamboo brushes. I thought it'd be a fun experiment and cool to step out of my traditional element. And it certainly was.

I'm quite pleased with how these came out.

They look so much better in person, but that will have to do.
Cool stuff.

Oh yeah, and more on how class has been later.

18 February, 2009

Studio 462

I was too tired to post this Wednesday night, but I'm pretending this date is correct for chronological purposes.

"Today" in class, we began a new painting (as mentioned). This is, of course, another still life... which, I must say, I am getting tired of drawing still-life and it's reminding me why I didn't go into a BFA in drawing (or painting) in the first place. None the less, I get over the struggle and find what interest I can in whatever objects are placed on our large white set.

This new project is interesting because we worked on a technique I had never thought of before.
We spent the time in class putting down a thickly textured acrylic layer. I have my own painting with Acrylics undercoat, that's nothing new to me, but I had never considered the process in which we were putting them down. That is, placing complimentary colours down instead of the colour we see and light values where dark values are true (and vice versa). Bizarre and fun.

So I finger painted.
Half way thru the class, she kept still stressing that no one's textures were thick enough so I decided to dig in to my paints (literally) and slap them on there. After all, this is for texture more than anything, right?

Either way, I had a blast hand-painting on my sheet of canvas. The painting rests over the weekend to dry until Monday. I'll put the oils over this dry acrylic layer.

I forgot to take photos because I was excited to see my girlfriend but I will on Monday before I do anything to it.

17 February, 2009

Studio 462

Thanks for your patience. I had a lot to work on.
And we're already starting another image Wednesday, already assigned one to do on our own and already in the middle of one. It's a lot but I'm still getting used to working with oils and loving every bit of it.

Violet/Yellow colour study (04)

Homework assignment: Self Figure triptych

Here are the individual parts

I really like the way this hand came out.
The best part is that there was no thinking involved and I quickly reached a point where I thought to myself: Don't touch it anymore. So here's a close up of it.

Today was our critique. I was late, but made it just in time.
My instructor said that if I were an art student she would "make" me major in painting.
I was flattered.

Here's our current in-class WIP assignment.

And, yeah... The new out of class assignment's an interesting one.
More on that soon...

11 February, 2009

Studio 462

Our in class critique was changed to Monday the 16th which is awesome because I wasn't done with the triptych self-image homework assignment.

Been busy. Expect an image update soon.

08 February, 2009

paper clippings

Been working a lot this weekend.
Visual aids will be coming next weekend as I need every moment I can right now on all this work.

The weekend assignment for class is coming along well. I messed up on the size (since it's supposed to be life-sized or larger) so I'm having to work with that... It just fled my mind but I realised before it was too late.

Got another awesome layer on the skate deck for Ash.
I put a lot of technical work in this layer so once that dries I can get working hard core on the good stuff.

Finished a commission sketch, now I'll probably ink it and add values in. Or, at least, the latter.

Sitting on a painting for the comic while I work on this stuff.
Working on two drawings for the comic.

And I've got two sketches I'm working on for the 3A February sketch theme.

Yeah, yeah, images soon I'm getting back to work.

04 February, 2009

Studio 462

Okay so this post was actually posted much later than the date above, but I'd like the dates to correspond with the day of the class... So I fibbed a little.

None the less, "today" in class we discussed the theory behind complementary colours but this time we went to a different class room and she gave us examples on a projector. Some I didn't really care for and some that I thought were quite brilliant. The only name that stands out is Monet, but that's just 'cause everybody knows his name (or should).

None the less, we went back to the class and had an hour to continue work on the Violet/Yellow colour study (04). That wasn't much time at all and, with lack of reason, I got stuck on the drapery and found at the end of class that I hadn't even moved on to yellow yet. I feel like I completely fucked up the positive balance that I had going on those drapes so I've left them completely alone since. I quickly moved on to the warmer colours and class was soon over.

We finish this painting Monday in class.

Our weekend assignment is a full-body portrait using 3 Canvas pages or more, and it's supposed to be life sized (or larger). I'll post a WIP of that after the weekend.

Class critique this qeek is Wednesday.

03 February, 2009

Studio 462

Today's class began with a group critique, where we discuss the three works we had done individually up to this point.

01: Ultramarine Blue, Burnt Umber & White still-life [colour study]
02: Viridian, Alzarian Crimson & White still-life [colour study]
03: Viridian, Alzarian Crimson & White self image [value/contrast study]

The third was done over the weekend and I spent a lot of time on it. I was relatively happy with the way it came out for the class, but I feel like there's more work I could do to it in order to improve it. I have plans to do just that after it dries for a week.

Here are a few thumbnail close-ups...

And at the request of both my girlfriend and a friend, Eric, here's the Work In Progress (WIP, for future reference)...

I had a lot of fun with these works and it was especially interesting to see my progression in the three pieces next to one another.

After the critique we began (04)...
a still-life colour study with violet and yellow.
I liked the way my drapery came out in (02) so I decided to add more in this composition so I can work on this more and experiment a bit.

This one will be a bitch, but I'm up to the challenge.

Oh, and I'll get a photograph of the self-image tomorrow or Wednesday and post it up.
I despise showing unfinished work, but I'll do that.

01 February, 2009

Under the Bed

I ended up making two sketches for the "Under the Bed" theme.

I wanted to add more to the photo, but nothing seemed to work right so I figured this was its way of telling me it was finished.