29 January, 2009

Studio 462

My second painting class was on Wednesday.
It was basically the exact same as Monday except with the colours Alizarin Crimson and Viridian. The still-life also included translucent glass vases so we also worked with our Linseed oil for the glass products.

I was also 20 minutes late to class because I missed my bus. But I think that arriving knowing I had less time to work on it made me more focused.

I am already finding more comfort in the speed of the process as well as blending my colours on the canvas paper itself.

Not much else to say really.

26 January, 2009


Scanner came in.
Here's the first thing I've scanned.

My sketchbook is too large so I had to scan it twice and stitch it back together.

The sketch is for a themed monthly sketch at 3A
"Under the Bed"

I'm quite pleased with the way it turned out.

Studio 462

I already feel like I learned a lot today in class.
We worked on mixing values of gray with burnt umber and ultramarine blue (and white, of course) and did a small still-life of some pots and a blanket but time flew by so quick.

If anything, I'll learn to paint quicker with oils, which is definitely a plus. I hadn't realised how slow I am until today, but I look forward to seeing my improvement as the semester rolls along.

15 January, 2009

room Marooned

I've been spending a lot of time drawing.

I've been painting more.

I need to buy a new scanner soon.
After I go to the bank.

I finished two sketches.
I'm working on a skateboard deck painting in oils for an art-trade with a real cool guy.
I'll post a pic when it's closer to completion and keep an update how the trade goes.
I am working on two more paintings while that first layer dries
both for Swan Song.

What else is there to say...