15 November, 2009

Hong Kong Venture

I created a facebook in order to share photos of HK Venture and keep in contact with friends I made in Hong Kong. There are already some excellent photos on there by Aster and Dee that I have linked to as well. Interested parties should momentarily redirect themselves to http://www.facebook.com/daedalusennui

27 October, 2009


While taking a break from painting today, I finished this sketch. The car had been sitting for a while in my sketchbook waiting for the rest to complete the image. Thought I'd post it for fun.

21 October, 2009

Rhel again

One commission down. At approximately 40x51 cm, the smallest I have ever painted a figure, I found this a definite learning experience. I painted her face four times before I felt I got it right. Sorry about that little bit of flash.

03 August, 2009

Studio 463

Didn't get a chance to go back to the studio until today, when I went in to clean up. Still not so great lighting.

Week 8

29 July, 2009

Nothing to See Here

Okay so I forgot to take a photo of the Week 8 painting before I left the studio today.

Yeah yeah, come back tomorrow.

Studio 463

Week 05, update. So, yeah, this is old now but I barely took photos a few days ago. Hopefully you can see the differences.

And here's Week 06, first layer and unfinished background.

And here's Week 07, quite rough.

Week 08 coming tomorrow.

09 July, 2009

Studio 463

More WIPs... Not happy with the first one, but I can think of a lot to do with it so that I do like it. Second one's turning out pretty cool. The next layer is going to change a LOT, just need to wait a while 'cause it's THICK.

Week 04.

Week 05.

Yeah yeah, I need to figure out how to light these things better.
Here's some detail coverage from the second one because there are some really cool things going on in it.

01 July, 2009


Yeah, it's been a while.
So I've been busy and not busy. Insane and sane. Balancing work and a summer course (going to be two next week), as well as trying to rip my own personal artistic creations out of my skull and plaster them on paper.

I told you I was bad at keeping up with this shit. Either way, I'm here to remedy this.

In short, it has been a very experimental month... We will begin by getting caught up right away with a few Works In Progress. I could go on about things I like and don't like about them but fuck it. I'm offering them for your personal objection.

More shit coming soon.

04 May, 2009

Studio 462

12 hours of work today.

They're far from "finished," but good enough for our "final" critique tomorrow. I'll continue working on them throughout the month.

29 April, 2009

Studio 462

Getting a lot done.
They're coming out pretty cool.
Camera is fixed.

Exhausted lately.
Photos soon.

16 April, 2009

Studio 462

Thanks to Pup for lending me her camera while mine is sent in for repairs.

13 April, 2009

Studio 462

My camera broke at Uni today.

The warranty is still valid so I'm calling them today to inquire about the process of replacing it.

08 April, 2009

Studio 462

6 hours drawing just to cover it up in four hours.
The beauty of destruction in practice.

07 April, 2009

Studio 462

It took me about 12 hours (with two weekend 3-4 hour sessions) to finish the pencil drawings on the two 4'x5' canvases.

I tried to take photos but the pencil is too light to pick up.

I start painting them tomorrow.

30 March, 2009

Studio 462

Finished making my canvases (sorry no photos, just words today).

We had a critique today (on the abstract and glazing assignments) and it went well. I don't remember much being said about the abstract other than that the first layer could be more visible and that the triangles (on the right of the image) seemed lazy... Which they were. No excuses, I got bored of the painting and stopped caring about it.

The glazing, I realised I used yellow (on the bottom one) and it wasn't a colour we were allowed to do. Apparently yellow isn't considered a transparent colour. I'm not sure why, but I imagine because it's so powerful. As you look at the painting, you can tell it takes over in some areas. The top painting, apparently the "technique" calls for more highlights in the undercoats and less highlights in the top coat. Oh well. I definitely think the paint is too thick on the top one. But I think they look cool and I can imagine a fourth layer may do them justice.

Working on concept sketches for the final two paintings for class. As a refresher, those are two 4'x5' paintings on the stretchers that I made. These are for our final two paintings in class, which we will work on for the remainder of the semester (about a month). One is to be in the style of an artist (from a list provided), for which I chose Odd Nerdrum. The sketch I did was lazy and half assed because I was tired when I was working on it. None the less, my instructor had a look at it and wants me to make the character nude like Odd does. There's a narrative to the piece that I want to tell and a nude character does not go with the narrative. This is where art classes piss me off. I'm on the edge of just doing what she says because she said it, or doing what I want and not giving a damn to her suggestions. Of course, I quite respect my instructor... so it's hard to decide. I'll work on more sketches tonight and decide when I see how different ideas play out in pencil.

The second painting is an "Open Painting" which, I have deduced, means we can do whatever the fuck we want. Cool. Or is it? I think that's awesome. It gives me a great opportunity to do a painting I've been wanting to do for a while now. However... I showed her my sketch and she loved it with the exception of some graphic content. She said I should leave it off. But, again, I feel strongly that removing that content would completely lose the narrative of the piece. So what the fuck is the point of painting it if I'm not saying what I want to say? The Odd painting I can work with, but I'm quite pissed about this one. I should have asked "why?" right away when I had her attention in front of me, but I was so shocked that she was asking me to censor my art that I didn't say anything. I wrote her an eMail immediately when I got home and I will talk to her on Wednesday. This painting, I will likely do what I want and pay no heed to her suggestion.

Oh well.

Thanks for reading if you did. I understand if you didn't. Photos are more fun.

Wednesday I start drawing the compositions on the canvas.
Photos Wednesday of what happens with that.

26 March, 2009

Studio 462

Glazing, layer three.
Sorry about the shitty lighting, I'm in my room at night.

23 March, 2009

Studio 462 - extant recoiling

Spring break is over.
Time to regain consistency in posting.

Here are some photos I forgot to take prior to the break.

Ash's deck, WIP. I forgot to post this here, though my friends at 3A have already seen it.

Glazing, layer two.

And our last assignment on canvas paper, which we began today; an abstract work in progress.

Next week, we begin two 4x5 foot paintings.
These are our final projects for the class, so we'll be spending the last six weeks working on them both simultaneously.

For now, I'm exhausted.

12 March, 2009

Where I End and You Begin (The Sky is Falling In)

I realised that I forgot to post the other February themed sketch that I did over at 3A.

Here it is.

I'd also like to announce that the character Vusimuzi (posted here) won a contest over at 3A. I am honoured to be amongst the other two winners.

10 March, 2009

Studio 462

Been more exhausted than usual lately, but trying to keep things moving along.

In class we're studying the technique of glazing with a still life display full of animal skulls. Two paintings at once.

Here's how those are looking with the first layer of glazing.
Work in progress.

05 March, 2009

Deck in Progress

So the deck was shit. I spent forever trying to fix it. Finally I realised it was the composition that was lacking. It was completely uninspiring.

Time to reset the board.

Old deck

Sketch of new composition

Stay tuned...

04 March, 2009

Studio 462

HW3 - Work in Progress

Next week we'll get back to painting, this week we did a presentation on contemporary artists. I was assigned Odd Nerdrum and I believe the presentation went quite well. Check him out if you haven't already.

Ironically, I will later have an assignment that has me mimick his style. That means stretching my own canvas and grinding my own pigments (amongst other things).

I missed a few from being sick and skipping class.
I'll get back to that painting later, which was an acrylic under paint with an oil over paint. I don't like it really.

24 February, 2009

Swan Song -- Vusimuzi

It's starting to leak...
I explored one of the characters from my 'world' for a thing on 3A.

It turned out a sort of prequel to Vusi's story once within the constraints of the comic.
He's one of the later characters to be developed, but it was fun jumping away from the earlier characters and into his world for a change.

For the illustrations, I got out an old ink stick and grinding stone that I got a long time ago and went to town with bamboo brushes. I thought it'd be a fun experiment and cool to step out of my traditional element. And it certainly was.

I'm quite pleased with how these came out.

They look so much better in person, but that will have to do.
Cool stuff.

Oh yeah, and more on how class has been later.

18 February, 2009

Studio 462

I was too tired to post this Wednesday night, but I'm pretending this date is correct for chronological purposes.

"Today" in class, we began a new painting (as mentioned). This is, of course, another still life... which, I must say, I am getting tired of drawing still-life and it's reminding me why I didn't go into a BFA in drawing (or painting) in the first place. None the less, I get over the struggle and find what interest I can in whatever objects are placed on our large white set.

This new project is interesting because we worked on a technique I had never thought of before.
We spent the time in class putting down a thickly textured acrylic layer. I have my own painting with Acrylics undercoat, that's nothing new to me, but I had never considered the process in which we were putting them down. That is, placing complimentary colours down instead of the colour we see and light values where dark values are true (and vice versa). Bizarre and fun.

So I finger painted.
Half way thru the class, she kept still stressing that no one's textures were thick enough so I decided to dig in to my paints (literally) and slap them on there. After all, this is for texture more than anything, right?

Either way, I had a blast hand-painting on my sheet of canvas. The painting rests over the weekend to dry until Monday. I'll put the oils over this dry acrylic layer.

I forgot to take photos because I was excited to see my girlfriend but I will on Monday before I do anything to it.

17 February, 2009

Studio 462

Thanks for your patience. I had a lot to work on.
And we're already starting another image Wednesday, already assigned one to do on our own and already in the middle of one. It's a lot but I'm still getting used to working with oils and loving every bit of it.

Violet/Yellow colour study (04)

Homework assignment: Self Figure triptych

Here are the individual parts

I really like the way this hand came out.
The best part is that there was no thinking involved and I quickly reached a point where I thought to myself: Don't touch it anymore. So here's a close up of it.

Today was our critique. I was late, but made it just in time.
My instructor said that if I were an art student she would "make" me major in painting.
I was flattered.

Here's our current in-class WIP assignment.

And, yeah... The new out of class assignment's an interesting one.
More on that soon...